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The Staben Promise .. swift, flexible allocation of manpower.
Allocation of resources for an undertaking amost never remains constant.
The critical path can change on a dime.

Joining the Staben Team .. We are always considering contractors as needs arise.

For information on current employee and contract positions, contact our office at (805) 987-4047. Ask for Roger. We have ongoing relationships with owner/operators as well as salaried employees. Development in the area of Ventura County is expected to be strong for the next quarter century as old facilities are demolished and new land building permits remain constant.
Partner with Staben ..
We will consider partners based on the level of benefit to us and to the associated party. We thrive from contributions made across the board - i.e. piping, plumbing, concrete, electrical, water, etc.
There is no substitute for Good'ol USA Customer Service !
Here at Staben Engineering, the customer comes first in all aspects of planning. We always make every effort to please the customer even if it means a few extra hours at our end. Managing your project from the ground up means coordinating the different phases of your project, as well as the folks who perform the tasks on each level. Roger will answer your questions on everything from equipment and trucks needed - to what company is most qualified for each phase of work. Further, he will see you through the maze of local zoning and city ordinances, such as the acquisition of land use and building permits.
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