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The "LowDown" on earth moving manufacturing and Theft Prevention.

Over the past few decades, as the number and complexity of heavy machinery has increased, theft and security concerns at a project site have prompted manufacturers to include built in GPS tracking. GPS tracking is nothing new and the technology has been around for decades. Tracking and navigation exists for truckers and big equipment operators. A variety of theft technologies has evolved over years, including RFID which provides fail-safe identification.
Staben Equipment
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JD 750J Dozer (w/slope board)
JD 650G Dozer's (w/slope board)
JD 624G Wheel Loader
EX 220 Hitachi Excavator (w/thumb)
KX 161-3 Excavator(w/thumb)
DD 20 Smooth Drum Compactor
KX 121-2 Excavator w/breaker
T-300 Bobcat Skid Steer Loaders
Double Drum Vibratory (R/C)
SD 40 Vibratory Compactor
SD 70 Vibratory Compactor
Rock Screening Plant
What's HOT in anti-theft trends ?
The MSS(Machine Security System) is a sleek way of preventing unauthorized use by allowing only certain keys to activate a given unit. A machine can be programmed for restricted hours and personnel through the use of smart keys. An operator can be easily added and dropped from the list and set to expire when he leaves the company. Newer technologies like RFID(Radio Frequency ID) provide fail-safe authorization. Drones now provide low cost aerial surveillance, reducing the need for around-the-clock security.
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